Much of what I write is on the main blog and some of it is on Facebook and a few other forums or blogs. The links are on the Links page of this site.

I created this blog in order to have a place to jot down shorter (or smaller) ideas that may not be as developed as my essays on the main blog or perhaps they may draw the ire of some over-rated promoter or self-appointed vendor/artist (or her assistant), or whatever. I could not care less how upset they may be with me, but I have come to realize the best place to make my views or ideas known may be on my own blog.

I hate censorship. As an artist, I know it is a prominent reason for the implosion of art in a society. I despise that others may determine what another person may say or think. It is irresponsible to libel or plagiarize someone to be sure. It is even more irresponsible to limit the expressions and/or ideas of an artist because the view is not condoned by a group eerily similar to the “cool kids table” in junior high school.

This blog is an open forum. I will write what I write without libeling or plagiarizing anyone. I will tease. I will offend and I will taunt. I will belittle. I will mock. I will agree and I will disagree. I will satirize. I will push limits. I will accuse and I will apologize. I will defend. I will ignor.

This is a place for mature thinkers, not primadonna pollyanna’s that cry and moan if the world isn’t completely “positive” – but even they are encouraged to share their thoughts and viewpoints.

I invite you to post here as well and I will not censor your ideas or methods of expression.

I will not allow spam to post. Most of what will be written here will be about art, but there are no limits.

You will not be banned here. You will not be told what to read and how to think.

This is the direct result of censorship and groupthink on other sites.  You cannot dictate a writing style or punish someone because they don’t fit in at the “cool kids table”.  Genuine painters and writers cannot be silenced in the same way as vendors, gossips, and the small-minded.

I hope you love this site and visit every day. Please remember, you do not have to read what is written here.  If you feel you do, please send me a note explaining why: munksuncensored@gmail.com.

If you are looking for even more expression of ideas regarding art: http://www.thecornerbooth.proboards.com – you will have to register, but it is worth the 2 minutes of your time to do so.