Bad Things Do Happen

by Munks

It was not a tragedy, it was a massacre. A slaughter of some innocent people who went to the movies in the Denver suburb of Aurora by a complete dumbass I am not going to name. This massacre is one more in a long line of crimes by these kinds of creeps. I do not know how to prevent their criminal desigms, but I do want to say a few things about this horrible event in the context of the inevitable cries for more gun control.

Bad things do happen. They happen all the time. It’s very sad and very frustrating for anyone with a conscience and a set of values respecting human life and dignity at some level above those of a Nazi guard,  a Khmer Rouge guerrilla, or those idiots on 9/11. It’s maddening to think we can send our friends and family to a theatre, a mall, a flight, a church, a workplace, or wherever and then go pick them up in a body bag a few days later – if at all.

Every time these things happen – the newspeople go bananas, the talk-radio won’t talk about anything else until the next issue comes up or the funerals are finished, or both.

Many people will call for more gun control. As if these morons will ignore murder laws in favor of observing gun control legislation – I’ll never understand the logic that basically says “Yeah, hi – you’re a homicidal, sociopathic, pile of crap that is lower on the evolutionary ladder than a tumor on a dung beetle’s ass, but will you please make sure you either do not own a gun or at the very least register yours? Thanks, we appreciate your cooperation.”

When will one of these stories end with some dumbass like this clown wearing all his assault crap taking one or two taps in the forehead or chest from a responsible, trained, sane, law-abiding person in aisle fourteen that assessed the situation and reacted lawfully and appropriately?

I am tired of these horrible stories.

I am tired of hearing the police weren’t there, but the best thing is to have the police handle it. They can’t be everywhere and even if they are, they get shot too. Happened in Denver earlier this summer to a police officer. This is dangerous stuff, rule of law should of course prevail – but people should have a right to defend themselves while they are sitting in the wrong theatre at the wrong time, or shopping, or eating in a restaurant, or walking down the street.

I am tired of the funerals and the handwringing and the good people in a free society being held back by the demented cowards who commit these disgusting massacres. I am also tired of police and politicians and newspapers saying we should let the authorities handle it. There would have been in all probability fewer funerals and one less trial clogging the courts in Denver if this piece of garbage would have walked into a buzzsaw of resistance from people unwilling to take it anymore from these spineless maniacs that feel they can walk around and indiscriminately shoot people because no one sat with them at lunch when they were children..

We need to shoot back at these maniacs and know that we can go shopping, traveling – out and about – in relative confidence that some sociopathic whack-job isn’t going to meticulously plan a massacre of innocents. Gun control will not give us the same confidence that thorough training and knowledge of firearms will provide. Gun control will only take a means of self-defense from the citizenry and place them at the mercy of some psycho with an axe to grind.

We do not need more gun control – we need more training and more collective target practice for the next creep that steps out of the shadows . . . we are not sheep and we should never be slaughtered in a movie theater or anywhere else.

Not in America.