Let’s get started . . .

by Munks

For what it’s worth – I oppose these witch-hunts going after the buy/sell artists for the most part. I do not support buy/sell in juried art fairs and I think they are just as low as a promoter selling booth fees with known traffic and sales issues for a premium price. Still, they should not be dragged through the mud without having a chance to defend themselves. This is a difficult position because I do not support the idea of some crappy candlemaker or factory wood mirror producer, or a sneaky importer in the juried shows – and yet I know that the show is ultimately responsible for the mess, not the artists. It is outside the artists scope of duties to prosecute supposed ne’er-do-wells.

It’s the show’s show. If they do not want to maintain their own rules, fine. Then they should have plenty of applications for next year because the savvy artists will not apply to their shows in the future, leaving plenty of opportunity for the shows to implode on themselves because they did not see the forest for the trees. Turn in documentation to the shows, but hold the shows responsible.  The buy-sellers and mass-production studios are small businesses trying to survive like the rest of us – hold the shows responsible for their standards via their funding – they are ultimately responsible for the tone of the show. This behavior by the shows is killing the market and they are the ones that need to be held accountable for their decisions by artists holding their dollars back and applying to more responsive and responsible shows.